A Wide (or Square) Jaw is simply where the jawline appears enlarged, square or disproportionate to the the rest of the face. Since the appearance of a wide jaw is typically considered a masculine feature, in women, it can feel like a concern that affects the overall balance to the face and side profile.

In many cases, a wider jaw where bone structure is formed genetically, naturally creates a beautiful square, rectangular or even diamond shaped face in harmony with its natural contours. However, if believed to be overly heavy or out of proportion it may lack poise and balance and require treatments to augment and sculpt a more pleasing profile.

A wide jaw is also often a result of enlarged masseter muscles which are responsible for actions such as chewing and clenching. If these muscles are used excessively, like any other muscle in the body, they will grow and strengthen, thus creating a more prominent jawline. A wide jaw is very commonly a side effect of Bruxism, an often involuntary and habitual condition of undue teeth grinding and jaw clenching, more of which you can read about here.

In instances whereby the bone structure of the jaw is disproportionate, we can use facial contouring treatments such as cheek enhancement dermal fillers to draw attention upwards, and give the illusion of a slimmer jawline by lifting and widening the cheeks; or even a slight chin augmentation to gently elongate the face. Similarly, careful and strategic placement of dermal filler along the jawline itself can help to soften the outline for a more feminine silhouette.

Whereas to reduce muscle tone and size at the jaw, we would recommend a treatment of botulinum toxin A to relax the masseter muscles, causing them to lessen whilst treating the act of clenching and/or teeth grinding simultaneously.