Crows Feet are usually one of the first tell-tale signs of ageing that begin to appear. Often at around the age of 30, we tend to see expression lines form more permanently, and they become a common concern for many. Crows feet initially present as fine lines, gradually forming wrinkles over time – at the outer corner of the eyes fanning towards the hairline. They can become a general nuisance where makeup may settle in the creases and facial expressions are accompanied by a conscious restraint to move naturally.

Crows feet are mainly formed by two contributing components – Dynamic factors: caused by the facial muscles under the skin continuously contracting throughout our lives in order to express ourselves, particularly smiling, squinting and even blinking affects the skin around the eyes. And static factors, such as gravitational pull and of course, the ageing process causing our skin to regenerate at a diminishing rate as time passes, allowing repetitive actions to forge lines indefinitely.

Generally, slowing the rate at which crows feet form is effective and can be done so by wearing SPF every day; protecting our eyes from the sun; using vitamin A based products; and improving our overall health and lifestyle so as not to accommodate additional factors to assist in the ageing process. For fine lines and wrinkles in the area which have already began to form, anti-wrinkle injections are an impressive treatment to both alleviate and prevent crows feet. Precision injections of botulinum toxin A work to relax contracting muscles in the area and pause the animated movement for up to 3-6 months at a time to reveal a smooth, tightened, youthful looking appearance.