The act of smiling is a natural reflex, an expression of emotion that should feel free and beautiful, but often there are a number of factors that may affect your ability to smile freely without feeling the need to restrict, hide or alter your expression.

A ‘Gummy Smile’ is where your natural smile reveals more of your gums than you would like to, usually exposing more of the upper gum-line, the condition is clinically called ‘Excessive Gingival Display’. Since the perception of your own smile is a personal notion, and the degree at which exposed gums are ‘acceptable’ vary from person to person, treatments to minimise its appearance, much like any aesthetic procedure, should only be undertaken as the consequence of your own personal choice.

The over-exposure of your gums can be affected by the height and shape of your teeth, the way your lips move, the angle and proportion of your jawline in comparison to the rest of your face, along with the size and positioning of your gums themselves. With this being said, there are often a number of ways to treat a gummy smile, and you may be advised to use a combination of two or more methods to achieve your desired outcome.

A common measure to treat a gummy smile – the use of botulinum toxin A injected carefully into the elevator muscles causes them to relax and thus when you smile, the upper lip does not raise up as high, so as not to expose as much of the gum-line above the teeth. A subtle lip enhancement treatment may also help to sculpt and perfect the smile by adding a little dermal filler to increase volume to the lips. And in some cases, contouring of the jawline and/or chin with the use of dermal filler can shape and balance the proportions of the face so that the expression of smiling works in better harmony with the face overall.

These treatments are effective alternatives to surgery, are minimally invasive, involve little to no downtime, usually last between 3-6 months and create wonderfully transformative results to improve self-esteem and reveal confident, beautiful smiles.