These days, augmenting, balancing and optimising the lips is one of the most sought after and commonly requested tweaks and it is both women and men of all ages that present for pout perfection.

Lip treatment is perfect for those looking to rebalance the top and bottom lips, accentuate the smile, lift droopy corners for a more positive look, and correct fine vertical lines caused by smoking. The delicate skin on the lips also benefits from a boost to plump out tiny superficial wrinkles for a fuller look and for some, this improvement makes lipstick application easier and also improves the look of your chosen lip product. Fuller lips have long been associated with youth and health and a subtle tweak in the area can give an illusion of both.

Whether you were blessed with full lips naturally or not, the fullness of your natural lip depletes with time sadly as your collagen and elastin production slow down so lips can naturally thin over time. It is yet another unwanted side effect of the ageing process.

The good news is that because this treatment is so widely practiced, there is a huge variety of lip filler products on the market and in lots of cases, years and years of clinical testing and data to back them up so if you pick the right practitioner, this treatment can be both safe and effective. The bad news is, that this treatment is largely unregulated in this country and therefore there are lots of cowboys posing as experts and lots of malpractice. It is vital to check the credentials of your practitioner, ensure they are medically registered and have experience of treating the lips with dermalfiller. Ask to see cases of past patients before committing to treatment, read treatment review and ask for recommendations. Be sure to have a full consultation with your chosen practitioner before opting for treatment and don’t be afraid to ask whatever questions you may have no matter how silly you may think they are. Do your research.