A loss of facial volume is an inescapable part of the natural ageing process whereby volume in the skin and the connective tissue beneath it diminishes gradually over time. This can result in a look that appears sunken, depressed and lacking in vitality.

Facial Volume Loss is the consequence of progressive collagen and elastin depletion within the skin as we age. When we are older, collagen regeneration slows and so the strength and stability within our skin declines. Hydration also reduces and so areas of the face that were once firm, plump and springy, may now appear deflated and weak.

Volume loss can be a common concern for many parts of the face. The cheeks, temples and area beneath the eyes (tear trough) are particularly susceptible to looking flat and hollow with visibly thinning or sagging skin. Whist volume loss within the lips, jawline and chin can create a look lacking in definition and structure. Overall, loss of facial volume can cause the face to look unbalanced, without the defined contours that give the illusion of a youthful, lifted appearance. Since the upper and mid areas of the face lose volume first, the effect can weigh down on the lower part of the face and induce concerns such as jowls, or deep nasolabial creases.

Dermal filler treatments are used to combat facial volume loss as they are able to mimic soft tissue in areas lacking definition, creating a healthy fullness to the face; working to smooth out the skin, contour, construct and restore overall balance. Profhilo is similar to dermal fillers in that it uses hyaluronic acid to create volume, but works subtly to remodel skin from within, providing beautiful surface volume, fullness and hydration. PDO threads work steadily over time to improve skin structure and achieve long-term lift, volume and increased collagen production.