As part of the normal course of ageing, it is not uncommon to experience a darkening of the delicate skin underneath the eyes often known as dark circles.

The skin here is the thinnest and most delicate of the body and continues to thin over time. The tiny vessels under the eye can become more apparent as the under eyes loose volume; that coupled with dehydration, tiredness, poor diet and other lifestyle factors results in under eye dark shadows. For some, it takes more than lashings of concealer to banish the dark circles.

Dark circles coupled with a hollowing of the delicate eye area adds unwanted shadows and gives a tired look which can also be very ageing. Hollowing of the eyes can be caused by lifestyle choices and other environmental factors and in a lot of cases the appearance of hollow eyes can be improved. Hollow eyes can affect people from the outermost corner of the eyes all the way to the inner corners in a crescent shape. Improvement can create an instant brightening of the overall look of the face with a renewed freshness and anti-ageing benefit. Carefully placed tear trough treatment with a purpose hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler can provide an answer with minimal risk and downtime. Small, expertly placed injections in the eye area to deliver the dermal filler can level the skin, reducing hollowing around the eyes and improving the look of dark circles.
To treat the skin under the eyes a combination of mesotherapy – highly potent cocktail of vitamins and nutrients can help rejuvenate the skins quality whilst skin tightening treatments such as smooth mono threads or Morpheus 8 can add collagen to the thinning skin for a more plumped youthful result.
Speak with your cosmetic doctor to find the right solution for you.