Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis) can become a debilitating condition that governs a number of aspects of your life that should feel simple, care-free and autonomous.

It can change what you wear, what you eat and drink, how you move and restrict your inhibitions, becoming overly self-conscious and embarrassed. Excessive sweating is when you may sweat without the necessary need for the body to cool down, ie. within a regular setting and not as a result of exercise or hot weather. It can affect the whole body, or certain areas: commonly the hands, head, underarms or feet.

Hyperhydrosis may present as a result of particular medications or as a side effect of another condition and so it’s important to always consult your GP ahead of any treatments to ensure you address the problem at the source in the most safe and effective way.

You may have already tried, or been previously advised of measures you can impose to avoid triggering excessive sweating; such as avoiding alcohol or spicy food. Or to minimise its effects too; like wearing loose-fitting clothes made from natural fibres or changing your antiperspirant to a stronger or specific formula. If and when these and other alternative measures fail to control the condition in a way that allows you feel free, less self-conscious and embarrassed, botulinum toxin A injections are an excellent option to treat the effects of hyperhidrosis long-term.