The ‘Double Chin’ is a common concern that can have an effect on confidence as well as alter the contours of the face in a way that can obstruct balance of the profile or facial features. The double chin is defined by a pocket of fat or sagging skin beneath the chin and is also known more clinically as ‘Submental Fat’.

It is often considered a notably difficult area to target through a healthy diet and regular exercise alone, and can also present as an effect of the ageing process on the skin, or be attributed simply to genetics. Though difficult to target through an active lifestyle, this region of excess fat is commonly addressed with fat-dissolving injections that use an active ingredient – deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance within the body – to permanently breakdown and dissolve fat over a number of treatment sessions to see a reduction of fat in the area of up to 80% in a process far less invasive than surgery.

As we age, the depletion of skin laxity and volume results in sagging skin, particularly around the lower part of the face and the jawline, this can create the appearance of a double chin or ‘jowls’ in a lot of people. A combination of facial contouring treatments such as dermal fillers or PDO thread lift procedures can help to restore balance to this area of the face and sculpt a more pleasing profile creating lift, definition and youthful volume.