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Your confidence is our priority

SAS Aesthetics

“We offer our patients a considered treatment journey that respects and futureproofs the skin, using multiple aesthetic solutions that work together synergistically, all of which are tried and tested, proven methods that we believe in.

The responsibility we have to our patients does not conclude at the end of your appointment. We provide a skin legacy not a skin snapshot and your treatment journey is always clear in its goals, smart in its approach and respectful of your skin’s future. Welcome to SAS Aesthetics.”

— Dr Mahsa Saleki, Founder & Clinical Director

Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing you with
Skill, Artistry and Safety

We take a Doctor led, 360 approach to your wellbeing and appearance whilst bringing you tried and tested clinical knowledge as well as the latest innovations.

We approach every treatment with a creative flair.

We lay out a safe and carefully considered treatment journey that respects and future proofs your wellbeing and appearance using;

  • Multiple aesthetic solutions that work together synergistically
  • Tried and tested, proven methods that we believe in
  • Remembering that our responsibility does not end at the end of your appointment
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// Sofwave - Revolutionary skin tightening with zero downtime and 12 month results 😍

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// Fox Eyes Threadlift … better results, easier recovery with time.

A true alternative to blepharoplasty and brow lifts of all kinds. Expect collagen neogenesis, lifted stylish brows with tighter skin.

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// SkinPen : First step in our Reboot programme.

You can now sign up to our subscription skin service via the BOOK NOW Button with major savings on our packages.

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// Sofwave for Eyes. Tighten the upper eyelid skin.

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// Fox Eyes Threadlift

PLA threads used for long lasting results.


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For the people of Gaza, for the Jewish people across the world, for the Middle East. 
We pray for Sanity. For Peace. ✌️💚


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// Sofwave : SUPERB US technology

A single session skin tightening treatment with zero down time and 98% effectiveness. What more could we want from a device ! 

WhatsApp to book your appointment.

// Disclaimer: results and recovery may vary.

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials
Patient Testimonials SAS Aesthetics
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