Jowls are a term used to describe the loose, drooping skin that form from the corners of the mouth, underneath the chin and along the jawline towards the neck. The skin is this area is susceptible to sagging due to the depletion of volume and structure in the cheeks as we age, causing gravity to gradually take its course and pull on the lower part of the face. Continuous every day facial movements around the mouth, along with languishing muscle strength in the neck also contribute to the appearance of jowls over time.

As we age, the proteins which provide the fullness and suppleness to our skin and the soft tissue beneath, deplete. Elastin which gives our skin the ability to ‘bounce back’ to its original form is slowly lost, and collagen which is responsible for skin strength and structure regenerates at a progressively slower rate, and so our skin weakens and begins to sag.

Jowls give an unmistakable impression of age, but also change the overall face shape. Where fullness and definition once was, now lacks shape and results in a disproportionate and tired look. Some people may be more genetically predisposed than others to jowls, but lifestyle factors such as heavy smoking, prolonged sun-exposure, rapid weight changes and even too much time spent looking at screens bearing down on neck muscles can assist in accelerating the ageing process.

To restore definition and minimise the appearance of jowls, we would recommend PDO thread treatments that lift and tighten the skin and works progressively to build volume and stimulate collagen production for a firm, smooth and taut look to the area. Morpheus8 is a fractional therapy technique which can eliminate creases and lift sagging skin over a course of treatments with dramatic results. Both treatments are excellent alternatives to surgery and offer treatment in a minimally invasive way with little to no downtime.