Ageing is of course unavoidable and the visible signs that present themselves are inevitable as time progresses. Although we usually expect to see some signs begin to show at around the age of 30 such as fine creases at expressional areas upon the face, Premature Ageing is a condition whereby more noticeable signs of ageing begin to appear surprisingly early.

These signs may present as fine lines, sagging skin and even wrinkles in certain areas, as well as pigmentation or ‘sun spots’ caused by prolonged sun-exposure. Premature ageing can sometimes be attributed to genetics, as everyone ages differently. However, other factors will also contribute to accelerating the ageing process profoundly: Sleep habits have been shown to have an effect on cell renewal, and so years of poor, broken sleep or late nights will indeed take their toll on your skin.

Similarly, an unhealthy diet rich in sugar, or an excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine will also speed up the process. Some contributors are unfortunately unescapable, such as the everyday onslaught of environmental pollutants and toxins or even sustained stress and anxiety that have a lasting impact on sleep and hormonal balance. Habitual smoking is by far one of the most significant factors that cause considerable acceleration of ageing and quitting at any point will help to prevent further damage at such a startling rate.

In spite of age being a gradual and natural part of life some wish to embrace, when the visible signs show disproportionately to one’s age, there are a number of non-surgical treatments that work to both prevent and treat areas of concern in order to preserve our youth for a little longer. For premature ageing, we would recommend one or a combination of dermal filler, PDO thread lift, Profhilo or anti- wrinkle injectable treatments to restore volume, lift, hydration and fullness. Or a course in Morpheus8 skin therapy to target areas of pigmentation.