An asymmetrical nose or crooked nose can cause some serious self-consciousness and can be socially debilitating for some who cope with it by shying way from being photographed and videoed, avoiding meeting new people and socialising.

Very few people are born with a symmetrical nose. But, the good news is, slight intervention can make a huge difference. The best way to check how straight your nose is, is to stand in a brightly lit room and follow the light travelling down the nose from bridge to tip. A straight line indicates a straight nose but any deviation in the light’s path implies the nose may not be straight. This is exactly how a doctor or surgeon would assess the nose; how does the light travel down the nose and what shadows it causes. Looking at the nose in both profiles, left and right, and comaring and overlapping pictures can also determine how symmetrical it is at all angles. These days there is some great computer software that can generate an image of your nose currently and with suggested correction – see it from all angles.

A crooked or bent nose can detract from the face in its entirety as the nose (and eyes) are usually the primary focus of an on-looker’s gaze. Non-invasive, subtle correction of the nose can bring the full face back into balance and give an overall more positive aesthetic. With comparatively less cost, downtime and commitment to a surgical option, your cosmetic doctor can help with non-invasive solutions to a crooked nose.