Scarring is also long-term side effect of the endurance of acne, specifically ‘acne scarring’, even of the littlest degree. Any form of scarring of the skin is caused by the natural wound-healing process after tissue injury or trauma – and so even those that have battled with just one or two fierce blemishes may be presented with acne scarring. For people who have suffered with acne for any amount of time, even once the inflammation, nodules and pimples have finally subsided, scars are a common concern that can continue to affect confidence and present as an entirely new issue to contend with.

Scarring can appear in various forms: atrophic or ‘pitted/ice-pick’ scars present as small yet deep ‘puncture-like’ sunken marks on the skin which are common as a result of acne. Stretch-marks are also a common concern which appear almost anywhere on the body and are often side effects of rapid weight changes or pregnancy and can also occur during adolescence when the body is changing quickly. These types of scar can be difficult to hide with makeup and the desire to wear products with less coverage is often a preferable feeling for many. Reducing the appearance of acne scarring and/or stretch marks is both possible and extremely effective when following a tailored skincare regime in addition to a course in one of our favourite skin therapy treatments, Morpheus8.

Morpheus8 uses a combination of microneedling therapy and radio-frequency technology to create mild trauma to the skin. The skin’s natural healing process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, thus renewing its surface, gently evening-out and plumping depressions of acne scarring or the appearance of stretch-marks over time to reveal a smoother look with a clear, glowing complexion.