Conditions or concerns of the chin greatly vary, yet each can induce self-consciousness and can give the impression of disproportionate features of the face which can result in an unbalanced appearance or profile. Chin dimples or creases are a common concern that can be addressed relatively simply. By using dermal filler treatments to place small pockets of product, we can fill depressions with precision; or by way of anti-wrinkle injections to gently restrict movement by relaxing the contracting muscles that allow depressions to form, thus creating a smooth, even and firm skin surface.

Where concerns are a little more structural by way of a ‘weak’ or recessed chin, then more constructive dermal filler treatments work incredibly well to add shape and definition where it’s needed, whilst remaining a minimally invasive alternative to reconstructive cosmetic surgery. A weak chin is usually characterised by comparing its proportions to the other facial features and side-profile. Generally speaking, it sits further back than the lips, nose and/or forehead, and a recessed chin may simply be a more accentuated version. Both will require chin augmentation techniques which use high-density filler to add volume, to augment and sculpt a stronger chin to be brought forward in balance with the rest of the face.

Similarly for chin concerns where the face may appear too short or round, dermal filler treatments work to mimic the appearance of bone and create the illusion of a more elongated face to slim, define and balance.