‘Turkey Neck’ is a term used to describe loose, wrinkled and/or sagging skin underneath the chin and the front of the neck. It is a side effect of the ageing process, but some people may be genetically predisposed to have generally looser skin on their neck, even at a younger age. The loss of structure in this area is both the consequence of muscles weakening as we age, along with the depletion of skin elasticity as elastin is gradually lost over time and collagen production slows.

A turkey neck can be accentuated by a double or drooping chin (submental fat), along with sagging skin lacking definition around the jawline and the illusion of downwards pull at the marionette lines, the creases that run from the corners of the mouth towards the chin.

Although not physically a medical concern, the knock-on effects of a wrinkled, sagging neck can lead to low self-esteem that could be eliminated through treatments in various ways. For those that are concerned with the appearance of a turkey neck, invasive surgery was once the only way to eradicate its symptoms. With possibly damaging complications, lengthy downtime and potential scarring making it a heavy undertaking.

Profhilo is a gentle, non-surgical skin remodelling treatment that works to rejuvenate by adding volume and definition. Uniquely designed to target areas of the body such as the neck, chest, hands and face, Profhilo improves overall skin health, reduces crepiness and reveals a taut appearance. Morpheus8 is a fractional therapy used as an alternative treatment to surgery to achieve dramatic results in renewing and lifting the skin for improved texture, laxity and structure.

Smooth PDO threads when expertly inserted into the skin, provide a superb structural support to the skin, plus they increase collagen production and therefore reduce the wrinkles in the area and with lasting results. It’s a highly effective treatment for the neck and decolletage that is popular amongst patients for its great results.