Wrinkles upon the chest and décolletage are sometimes not considered as prominent a concern as more commonly talked about areas such as the face. However, a wrinkly chest can become a heavily debilitating concern for those that feel self-conscious of it.

A wrinkly chest is defined as vertical fine lines or creases running from the neck or collarbones, down towards the breasts. They can inflict low self-esteem and can also dictate what you wear, how you move and even how you act in particular settings, such as being on holiday.

A wrinkly chest is usually another product of the ageing process. The breakdown and loss of elastin, teamed with the slow production of collagen, results in a depletion of skin’s lift and structure which creates a lack of volume and suppleness that appears as visible lines or a ‘crepey’ texture. A wrinkly chest can also be the consequence of dramatic weight changes, pregnancy and even the effect of gravity whilst sleeping on your side. A powerful contributing factor to a wrinkly chest is typically over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays over a number of years which causes the ageing process in the area to accelerate.

Some topical products, as advised by your skincare expert, may help to reduce the appearance of a wrinkly chest subtly, however there are treatments that have been specifically designed to address this area of concern with more transformative results. Profhilo is a wonderfully effective injectable skin-remodelling treatment which uses a dispersion of highly-concentrated hyaluronic acid to add volume within the skin for a smooth and restored structure that feels hydrated and youthful. Working progressively over time, Profhilo is minimally invasive, involves no downtime and lasts for around 6 months at a time.

Morpheus8 is a treatment that uses microneedling therapy and radio-frequency technology to restore and resurface the skin by stimulating its healing response and collagen regeneration. It can be used upon many areas of the body and makes for a highly effective technique in addressing a wrinkly chest.

Smooth PDO threads, when expertly inserted into the skin, provide a superb structural support to the skin, plus they increase collagen production and therefore reduce the appearance of a wrinkly chest with lasting results. It’s a highly effective treatment for the neck and decolletage that is popular amongst patients for its great results.