Bunny lines is the charming term given to the small creases that appear at each side of the nose, nearest the inner corners of the eyes. They tend to show themselves when the face is actively smiling and it may not bother everyone, however, over time, like all lines and wrinkles these get more pronounced and can be visible even when the muscles are at rest.

Bunny lines can be caused as a secondary result of over-treating the eyes with toxin or treating the eyes over a long period of time; when you smile, something has to give and the muscles in this area take on the work to over-compensate for frozen-eyes. In some cases, bunny lines can form as part of the natural smile, from squinting due to poor eyesight or neglecting to wear eye protection from the sun. For women, makeup gathering in these lines can be frustrating and unsightly and sun exposure can leave white lines making these wrinkles appear more pronounced. If caught early, it is possible to retrain the muscles not to be the fallback option when you the smile. Treatment with carefully placed toxin injections can prevent this muscle from overworking and reducing the appearance of bunny lines.

Lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes are particularly ageing and can make otherwise healthy and bright looking faces appear tired and worn. The skin in the delicate eye area is the thinnest of the body and needs special care and attention, it is translucent and can become crepey with age. Keeping well hydrated, wearing and eye cream, SPF and sun protection can help the youthful look of the eyes and may stave off lines and wrinkles for a time but once they are there, bunny lines need treatment to improve their appearance.