You may have been born with a droopy nose tip but even if it is perfectly pitched, even age can cause a downturn over time. Some may experience a droopy tip when the face is dynamic, for example smiling or the mouth widens.

Smile at yourself in the mirror to see if the tip droops at rest or with movement of the facial muscles in and around the mouth. Regardless, this is easily fixed by an experienced practitioner with some carefully placed injectables.

A droopy nose tip can cause some to feel socially self-conscious when smiling, having photos taken or laughing and this can be coupled with a crippling sense of embarrassment sadly, but this condition is easily treated and improved. The result can give a more pleasing look face-on and in profile and the effect can be quite long-lasting.

The nose is a highly vascular area and for that reason it is vital that you seek a highly experienced cosmetic practitioner to treat your droopy nose tip. Currently, many opt to have such non invasive treatments over surgical intervention, rhinoplasty. The downtime is minimal and it is more common than you might think for rhinoplasties to need revision after the first operation. The tip of the nose is notoriously difficult to treat surgically and involves a huge financial and aftercare commitment with no guarantee of the outcome and treatment cannot be reversed.