Thread work is a specific skill that requires a combination of education, artistry, skill and dexterity. Thread treatments are here to stay; the popularity and possibilities of the treatment are growing. My commitment to my patients at SAS Aesthetics is to provide superior results whilst always prioritising patient safety and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with other practitioners to elevate the general level of thread practitioners.

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This is an extremely unique opportunity to learn and consolidate bespoke thread lift techniques, which include; eyebrow and lid lifts, fox eyes, nose reshaping, jaw smoothing, facial contouring and full face and neck lifting.

Courses are aimed at medical professionals only, who are looking to expand their portfolios and develop their skill set in arguably some of the most popular procedures in the aesthetic industry. Learning these techniques will mean that you can offer your clients the chance to turn back the clock and enhance their natural features rather than change them.

Our training courses are here to offer you the opportunity to update your skills, expand your clinic offering and invest in your practice with a return after just 8-10 treatments.

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At her Harley Street clinic, Dr Saleki provides you with everything you need to know about performing her non-surgical techniques with a maximum of just two attendees per session and a clear focus on providing safe and thorough training to colleagues.

For more information or to book your space please email:

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