Despite the fact that Cellulite is thought to affect between 80% and 90% of women, it remains a prominent concern for many who wish that the dimply appearance that often emerges around the thighs, buttocks and tummy, would simply disappear. Unfortunately cellulite is not particularly easy to eliminate and although it is known to be caused by a combination of genetics, hormonal changes, health and fitness levels as well as general lifestyle factors, there is still not enough evidence to suggest a definitive reason as to why so many people have it.

A common misconception about cellulite is that – if you have it, you must be overweight or unhealthy – this is not the case at all, even the most healthy and physically fit people will usually have some cellulite. In fact, Cellulite is a structural occurrence whereby regular fat cells beneath the skin are simply being pushed against the fibrous bands that attach them to deeper connective tissues causing an uneven or dimpled texture. Cellulite often becomes more visible as we age, this is due to our skin thinning over time, revealing an uneven appearance upon the surface.

Cellulite is by no means a medical concern that needs treatment, but the reduction in its appearance generally works to lift confidence and can improve self-esteem particularly around events or holidays where you may feel more exposed. Supplementary to a healthy balanced lifestyle with regular exercise and building muscle tone, we would recommend trying a course of either two of our signature treatments that target excess fat and skin texture.

Fat dissolving injections are a wonderfully advanced treatment to permanently break down and dissolve stubborn fat in targeted areas with precision and expertise. Whilst the innovative Morpheus8 fractional skin therapy treatment achieves transformative results to renew and lift the skin for improved laxity, texture and structure by way of resurfacing microneedling and radio-frequency technology.