Impending wrinkles are generally rather unavoidable, despite any best efforts, their eventuality often seems to loom. Wrinkles are a little more than animated fine lines and tiny creases – they are the resulting furrows of the ageing process enduringly taking a hold.

Wrinkles do indeed however, usually first appear quietly as isolated and discreet fine lines, initially positioned around the expressional areas of the face: emerging as crows feet around the eyes, frown lines between the brows and horizontal lines upon the forehead too. These creases form due to the repetitive contraction of facial muscles, assisted each day by sun-exposure, lifestyle factors, and simply by how we are genetically predisposed.

Then as the ageing process continues, over time, these lines develop further, become multi-directional and broaden throughout the face. Other areas of concern where wrinkles ordinarily form include the smile lines (nasolabial folds) – the area between the nose and mouth; the marionette lines – from the corners of the mouth downwards towards the chin; and further still, the cheeks, neck, chest and décolletage. As we age, elasticity is lost and collagen production slows, hydration worsens and fatty tissue plumping our skin from beneath the surface depletes. This overall loss of volume and suppleness causes skin to appear thinner, slacken and sag allowing deep creases or Wrinkles to form.

Wrinkles are clinically harmless, but their presence can often bring low self-esteem and a tired, unhealthy and aged look to the face. Deep, established wrinkles are unfortunately unable to be covered or disguised by clever makeup or improved considerably through skincare or hydration, and so options to improve their appearance usually lie within aesthetics and cosmetic surgery.

A number of our minimally invasive treatments can be used to address Wrinkles without the need for surgery or burdening downtime. Whilst anti-wrinkle injections, Profhilo and some dermal filler treatments will work to smooth out lesser, more isolated wrinkles, PDO threads and a course in Morpheus8 will help to revive skin from the inside out. PDO threads use fine lightweight suture threads to lift the skin and encourage collagen production to restore definition; and Morpheus8 treatments use microneedling therapy and radio-frequency technology to stimulate the skin’s healing process in order to rebuild and recondition for a lifted, youthful appearance.