A youthful, fresh face benefits from a well-rested, wide-eyed look and over time, the skin and muscles around the delicate eye area, like everywhere else in the body, tend to lose elasticity often causing a droop of the eyes and even the brows.

This can be very noticeable in some people and causes the face to appear tired and aged overall. You often notice it when looking back at photos of yourself. Skin ageing is an inevitability however good your lifestyle choices are and however well you look after your skin over time. Your facial expressions are one of the main causes of facial ageing; we use all the muscles in and around the eyes every day and over the course of years, these repeated micro movements and expressions leave their legacy or imprint on the skin and not necessarily evenly. Very few if any of us have a totally symmetrical face and over time any asymmetry can become more pronounced or unevenness can appear.

It is not uncommon for people to experience the signs of ageing unevenly especially around the eyes; some may have uneven brows, uneven wrinkling around the eyes, a droop in one eye more than the other, but all of which can be rectified with a carefully considered balancing and antiaging treatment plan. People report a marked difference in the overall look of the face after correcting droopy eyes and uneven brows, hollows and dark under eyes and for some feel they are better received by others.
Here at SAS Aesthetics we specialise in minimally invasive thread lift treatments such as the fox eyes threadlift that work to lift, tighten and elevate the skin around the eyes and eyebrow area to create an openness and focus on the eyes.