A nose bump or ‘hump’ can give an unpleasing profile and for some women, a large bump can feel as though it ruins the femininity of the rest of the face.

Light on an off-balance nose can be extremely unflattering and cause the bump to look larger than it is in reality, increasing the overall appearance of the nose. A bump or hump on the nose is caused by excess or misplaced bone and the surgical solution is usually costly and a serious time and aftercare commitment. Filing down the bone is the surgical solution for this common condition and can involve an open rhinoplasty. But, the good news it that this is no longer the only solution.

When corrected, the difference rebalancing a nose bump can make is astonishing and can greatly help increase self-confidence. It is a common complaint of both men and women in equal measure. Often referred to as the liquid nose job, the solution to this condition can be simple, painless and reasonably long-lasting.

It sounds counterintuitive perhaps, to add dermal filler to a nose as there is a common fear that this will only make the nose ‘look bigger; however, this treatment is all about balance and with an expert eye, your nose bump can be a thing of the past without having to settle for a ‘big nose’. Amazingly, reducing the hump in the nose can actually create the illusion of a smaller, more symmetrical nose and the focus can be redirected onto the tip.