Hyperpigmentation is the name given to patches of darker skin pigment that can appear on the face and body; these ‘tea stain’ like areas can appear for a number of reasons and are caused by an overproduction of melanin which is produced naturally by the skin as a form of protection. The causes of hyperpigmentation vary, some of which we can try and control and some we cannot.

There are some areas more commonly affected by hyperpigmentation such as, the forehead, hands, upper lip are just some of the more likely areas for concern. Expert treatments and topical skincare regimes can improve the look of the dark spots on the skin and with careful management, can be maintained. Hyperpigmentation can appear anywhere and at anytime and here are some of the causes:

 -Over exposure to the sun, where hyperpigmentation is a form of sun damage

 -Hormones caused by pregnancy whereby the dark spots are known as melasma

 -Reaction to the use of potent skincare and light-based treatments

Hyperpigmentation can be ageing and recovering a more even skin tone can give a brighter, more luminous and therefore more youthful complexion. If you have a history of hyperpigmentation it is advisable to always wear sun protection to help deter the skin from over-producing its own defence mechanism, melanin. Maintaining a good skincare regime as well as tackling existing hyperpigmentation with expertly recommended treatments, can help give you long-term, glowing skin.