Gaunt or hollow cheeks are a concern that gives the illusion of an unhealthy or aged look to the face. They can create a sunken appearance that accentuates hollowness of the eyes and can pull down on the cheeks to create deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines and even jowls. Gaunt cheeks may simply be a part of genetic makeup whereby they lack in natural shape and definition, or they can present as a sign of ageing as the skin and fatty tissue beneath loses volume and its structure diminishes causing skin to sag.

For many, the face would most desirably appear full, with volume high at the cheekbones achieving natural definition for a refreshed and youthful look that feels lifted, healthy and firm. However, when presented with gaunt cheeks, the face can often seem unbalanced and features appear disproportionate to one another.

In order to restore volume to the cheeks, creating lift, structure and definition throughout the face, a choice or combination of many techniques can be used. Dermal filler treatments are an excellent choice to shape and sculpt the cheeks by adding high-density product to mimic the appearance of bone in balance with the profile as a whole. PDO thread lift treatments are equally as effective in creating lift by anchoring suture threads within the skin for a firm, taut and rejuvenated appearance, alleviating the sagging skin that causes a hollow or depressed look to the face. Profhilo is treatment whereby overall skin health and hydration is improved and subtle volume is created by stimulating collagen production from within the skin so as to carefully plump the cheeks. These treatments all involve little to no downtime and are minimally invasive, with initial results seen immediately.