Women’s Health – ‘I Tried Nose Threading, AKA the “Lunchtime Nose Job.” Here’s How It Affected My Confidence’

Women's Health Lunchtime Nose Threading SAS Aesthetics

Women's Health - 'I Tried Nose Threading, AKA the "Lunchtime Nose Job." Here's How It Affected My Confidence'

A procedure called the PDO thread lift is being billed as the non-surgical answer to rhinoplasty. Known as nose threading (or ‘the lunchtime nose job’) it involves using threads to lift and subtly re-shape the nose.

But is it painful, is it safe and does it actually work?

WH Editor-In-Chief Claire Sanderson tried out the procedure to see if going under the needle can restore her fractured self-esteem. Below, she shares her experience with nose threading…..

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