Not All Threads Are Created Equal

Not All Threads Are Created Equal SAS Aesthetics

An introduction to threads and their uses

You may have heard of the term ‘threads’ or ‘thread lifts’ and the truth is, there is a lot more to these little lengths than meets the eye. Threads are NOT all the same or created for the same purpose and in expert hands, they can do a lot more than simply ‘lift’.

Contrary to popular belief, not all threads are made to lift the skin. In fact, there are two types of threads divided by their structure and in turn, the effect they have on the skin. Introducing smooth threads and their barbed sister threads, the cogs…

Smooth threads are predominantly used to rejuvenate the skin, i.e. they encourage collagen growth. Collagen gives your skin its volume and bounce to help tighten it. Smooth threads are carefully and expertly inserted into the skin using a needle. The needle causes one level of skin trauma and this action alone encourages the production of natural collagen in the skin to start the plumping and rejuvenation process. The thread dissolves within the skin over time also creating a collagen-production effect so imagine two levels of collagen-promotion. The effects can last around nine to 12 months with optimum results seen in around 60 days. This is a great treatment for acne scarring, firming and evening the skin’s surface.

Now, imagine a thread with micro cuts up and down its length, feathered you might say. These barbed threads are called cogs and can actually lift the skin. Imagine inserting sticky Velcro in the deep layers of the skin to help manipulate and ‘stick’ the skin in a new, lifted position. These are inserted into the skin using a cannula and do not break the layers of the skin like a needle, so they don’t cause the same mechanical trauma of smooth threads. These threads are longer lasting, the result of which can be seen often for between two to three years dependent on the patient and skin condition. Patients will often require a combination of threads as part of the treatment and after a careful consultation and bespoke treatment is drawn up reflecting the individual’s goals.


Thread treatments can be used for a host of benefits including:

  • Smooth: Skin rejuvenation; plumping and reducing the look of wrinkles in the face and neck, scar correction treatment
  • Cogs: Lifting the skin; nose, eyes, brows, cheeks, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, jowls and jawline

For some, thread treatment is more desirable than dermal filler, simply because thread treatment does not require volumes of product to be injected so there is no danger of over plumping the skin and results can be more natural.

Book in for a consultation to discuss your specific treatment goals.

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